Adrian Sina ft. Sandra N - Boracay

категория House/Dance/Dubstep
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razseqna 14 октомври 2013 в 13:29
Boracay naughty
It`s nice to know
that you were there
Boracay Boracay
Boracay Boracay

If you wanna touch the sky
If you wanna hight to fly
you just need to close your eyes
Until the sun
if will rise it we rise

Keep the music in your mind
and let everything behind
let to beat to be the light
dance all the night all the night all the night

Fly to me in Boracay boracay boracay... (x3)

Maybe this is friday night
or even the sunday night
let to beat to be your guide
Until the sun if will rise it we rise

If you wanna cross the line
bring another cup of wine
we just have to realise
this is the place
where the fun never dies

Fly to me in Boracay boracay boracay... (x3)

Hey DJ, Hey DJ, Hey DJ

Fly to me in Boracay boracay boracay... (x3)

It`s nice to know that you weere there
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